Deborah Gordon, MD

Deborah Gordon, MD

Family Medicine, Ashland, Oregon

My interest in health started with an interest in nutrition during college, when I enthusiastically switched from the packaged foods I was raised on to vegetables that needed to be cleaned and chopped, herbs and spices that were individually selected, and whole grain products rather than white bread. It was as if I had been gifted a sixth sense: my family had cooked nutritious and tasty meals, but fresh food opened my eyes to a new world of culinary delights and skills, as well as the fledgling health food movement following the work of Adele Davis.

With a degree in English Literature from UC Berkeley, I moved to rural Northern California, where after some time as a nurse’s aide at the local hospital, I left my tipi and vegetable garden to return to UC Berkeley for a year of pre-med, and then medical school at the University of California at San Francisco.

Visit Deborah’s website: DrDeborahMD

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