Paul Turke, MD, PhD


Board Certified?

Medical School:
Michigan State University

University of Michigan

Additional Education / Degrees:
PhD, anthropology, Northwestern University

Location of Practice:
Dexter, Michigan, USA

Type of Practice:
Small private practice

Place of Current Work:
Turke & Thomashow Pediatrics

My Story:
I received a PhD in anthropology from Northwestern University in 1985, and did fieldwork in Micronesia that looked at childcare networks from the perspective of evolutionary life history theory. I started medical school in 1992, after completing a fellowship in immunology (specifically T cell senescence), and at the same time developed an interest in evolutionary medicine, which was getting its start at the University of Michigan in the early 1990s. After completing my residency in Pediatrics, I went into private practice. I use my understanding of evolution in the clinic, and in my spare time I work on topics that range from bacterial senescence, to the evolution of sex, to, most recently, childhood food allergies. A new interest is “happiness,” particularly what evolution can teach us about achieving it (see, e.g.,

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