Privacy Policies  

We respect your privacy. This explains how we collect, treat, and protect your individually identifiable personal information on this Website (“Site”).  This site collects two general types of information from our users, Restricted Data and Shared Data (“Shared Information”).

Restricted Data

Restricted Data can be obtained automatically and or from direct user input. We do NOT sell, rent, or license Restricted Data. We do NOT provide any individually identifiable personal information about our users to any third-party using this Restricted Data without consent from our users. Access to this restricted data is limited to authorized staff only. We do share general trends in usage based on this Restricted Data but without the inclusion of any individually identifiable personal information. Below describes the types of Restricted Data we collect.

IP Data– This Site automatically collects data including IP address, Website referrals, date, time, browser and operating system.  We use this data to monitor traffic.

Cookies – We use “cookies” both session and persistent to personalize our Site for you and to collect information about Site usage by all of our users. A cookie is a text file that our Site transfers to your computer’s hard drive for record keeping purposes. The cookie assigns a random, unique number to your computer. It does not contain information that would identify you.

User Input Restricted Data – Viewers wanting to communicate through this site using standard unsecured email, blogging and forums are required to input and or register using individually identifiable personal information such as full name and email address. This information is considered restricted and will not be shared without user consent. There may be a direct user option to share this Restricted Data but only at the discretion of the user.

Shared Information – Shared Data

Viewers who communicate and share information via this Site through standard unsecured email, blogging and forums make this information publicly available to all users. We encourage dissemination of this publicly shared information, but we remind our users to be respectful of others. You communicate at your own discretion. We discourage communication of sensitive and or personal information that you would otherwise not wish to share with others.

You may request for us to correct, update or delete publicly shared information that you submit. Please use our contact form to notify us.

Publicly Shared Information that you personally submit to this Site will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and is subject to the Ownership of Publicly Shared Information section of the Terms of Use notice.


Follow this link to read our Terms of Use notice.

Physicians for Ancestral Health, a non-profit corporation.

These Privacy Policies were last updated and posted on September 1, 2015.

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