Robert Hansen, MD

Robert Hansen, MD

Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine, Critical Care in Redding, California

I am a practicing physician, board certified in Anesthesiology and Internal Medicine with a Certificate of Special Qualifications in Critical Care. I practice pain management and anesthesiology in Redding, CA. My blogging interests include the effects of lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction) on health and health care policy. My education includes an undergraduate degree in Mathematical Economics from Brown University, MBA in Health Care Management from Boston University, and a Doctor of Medicine from Boston University. My personal journey in seeking optimal health has lead me to discover that some advice offered by trusted private organizations and government agencies is based more on politics and economics than sound science. I hope to offer here a point of view based on science and personal experience. My Manifesto page is a starting point that expresses my interpretation of the scientific literature.

Residency Internal Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
Fellowship Critical Care Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
Residency Anesthesiology, Stanford University
Private Practice, Anesthesiology and Pain Management with RAAMG/TPM
Jazz Pianist, Straight Ahead Big Band and SABB Combo

My early interest in health care policy started with a health economics class at Brown. That led me to pursue a degree in Health Care Management. While finishing graduate school at night and working full time as an administrator at University Hospital, Boston, I experienced a life changing event when my father, mother and sister were hospitalized within a few weeks of each other with serious illness. I spent many hours on weekends driving from Boston to NJ and NY to negotiate the health care system as a patient advocate for my family. That led me to apply to medical school with a desire to shape health care policy in some meaningful way. But the allure and satisfaction of clinical medicine has kept me occupied since then. I am finally coming full circle and have launched this blog about health, nutrition, and lifestyle from an evolutionary perspective, including comments on health policy along the way.


Visit Robert’s website: Practical Evolutionary Health

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