Ted Metzger, MD

Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging

Medical School:
SUNY-Downstate Medical Center

Residency Program:
Rush-Pres-St. Lukes Chicago, IL

Additional Education / Degrees:
Fellowship -Imaging – Hospital of the Univ. Of Pennsylvania – Phila, PA

Board Certified?

Current Location:
Glastonbury, CT, USA

My story:
Looking to transition to a practice championing Ancestral and Primal Lifestyle ( certified Primal Health Coach) coupled with a functional med approach ( Kresser, et al). Currently Chair of my Dept. of Medical Imaging here in Eastern CT.

Favorite ancestral health resources to recommend to others?
Shanahan, Gedgaudas, Wolf

Additional information:
As a Radiologist, I see, on a daily basis, fatty liver, carotid and coronary disease, complications of obesity and diabetes etc. It is truly a crisis. I am committed, ( with my wife who is a functional IFNA trained MS RD) to create PrimalMed… a personal, collaborative practice to educate and champion diet/lifestyle/exercise patterns that complements our genetic blueprints.. and especially reach out to those in their 40’s-60’s so that we can prevent and reverse the modern epidemic of chronic disease.

Ted is working on a website: PrimalMed.com

Email Ted: tmetzger@primalmed.com

Follow him on:      


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