Victoria Prince, MD

Victoria Prince, MD

Family Medicine

Medical School:
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

University of Utah

Location of Practice:
Salt Lake City, Utah

Type of Practice:
Academic residency program.

Place of Current Work: 
University of Utah

Clinical Experience in: 
Working on my Family Medicine Residency, July 2014-July 2017

Clinical Interests:
Full spectrum family practice, preventative care, palliative care.

Interests outside of medicine:  
Travel, hiking, paddle boarding, horse back riding (especially polocrosse and trail riding), down hill and cross country skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, cooking, writing, and farming!

How did you first become interested in ancestral health?  
I discovered Mark’s Daily Apple and slid down the paleo rabbit hole. Then as I worked on my PhD I started to realize how looking at all aspects of health and disease, not just diet and exercise, made so much sense.

How has the incorporation of ancestral health principles affected your own life? 
I’m definitely much healthier and active than I was before getting involved in ancestral health, though residency has definitely been a challenging time to follow all the principles that I know work!

Are you currently able to incorporate ancestral health principles into your medical practice? If so, in what way? 
Generally in my continuity clinic when someone comes in for a preventative visit I try and frame it from an ancestral/evolutionary standpoint re: food, activity, stress, sleep, and sun. I also try and explain people’s illnesses in terms of “what our body expect” for other visits when appropriate (this is really great for anxiety, I find). In the hospital it’s hard to follow more ancestral principles, but I’ll let a fever go untreated if the patient and nursing staff are willing!

Do you have any favorite ancestral health resources?   
I recommend It Starts With Food, by Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig to a lot of my patients and love it when they come back and say they’ve read it. Otherwise, I don’t have much time for blogs these days, though I suppose I should plug my own: Principle Into Practice

Professional Bio:
I graduated from Cool College, Rutgers University, with a BS in Biochemistry in 2008. I then went to Rutgers New Jersey Medical School for a combined MD/PhD program, obtaining a PhD in the Pharmacology and Physiology Department on the effects of chronic alcohol consumption on signal transduction in the brain. I graduated from NJMS in January 2014 and spent 6 months traveling before moving to Utah to start my family medicine residency at the University of Utah.

Video- Talk on the effects of dietary fatty acids on liver disease at AHS 2013


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