How We View Ancestral Health  

Ancestral Health means using the best practices of previous generations  within modern medicine to prevent and treat modern diseases with lifestyle changes. This includes the right balance of nutrition, physical activity, sleep, sunshine, social interactions, sense of greater purpose, etc.

Physicians for Ancestral Health includes concepts familiar to but not limited to Paleo, Primal, Weston A Price Foundation, etc.  Eating real rather than processed food is most important in terms of nutrition. 

We want to work with, not against our innate biology by seeking to combine our natural healing capabilities with the best of modern medicine to heal more successfully.

We believe that:

1. Health promotion and disease prevention should first utilize personalized, preventive lifestyle interventions focused on nutrient-rich food, sensible exercise, stress management, and appropriate sleep.

2. Supplements, pharmaceuticals, surgery, and other non-ancestral interventions should be used judiciously when indicated.

We seek a solid scientific evidence for all healing practices, ancestral and modern, natural and pharmaceutical. All sources of evidence, from case studies to epidemiology to randomized clinical trials, should contribute to our judgment as physicians about the interventions that will most benefit our patients.

We also believe in open mindedness and a willingness to seriously explore the potential of a range of alternative, natural and ancestral approaches to successfully complement medical practice. All interventions must be subjected to scientific evaluation, but none should be excluded without scientific test.

Please watch the video below, featuring Rick Henriksen, MD “Evolutionary Medicine in Primary Care” for more information about ancestral health.


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