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Are you looking for a group of like-minded medical doctors, students and residents who follow the ideas and principles of both, western and ancestral health? Together we can change the conversations in medicine to make it more humane and congruent with human biology.  As a professional society, the membership is open for physicians (MD, DO, or international equivalents), medical students and residents.  PAH is an international organization, all countries are welcome and it does not matter whether you are in a clinical practice or not.

While our organization was created to bring together physicians with similar training and approach to practicing medicine, physicians do not operate in a vacuum. We strive to collaborate with all healthcare professionals and like-minded individuals to create a strong and vibrant community to collaborate and learn from each other to enhance our own health and the health of our patients. We would love to hear from you regardless of your education or background.  We encourage all interested individuals to join our public Facebook group, and/ or follow us on Twitter @AncestralDocs or our Facebook page (Physicians for Ancestral Health).  Our winter retreats are open to the general public. Click here for more information about our next winter retreat to be held in San Diego in January 2018. We also have a YouTube Channel where we share presentations from past retreats.  The YouTube channel is open to the general public at no cost. And last but not least, subscribe to our mailing list to receive news and updates about ancestral health world.

 Benefits of PAH Membership

  • Collaboration with healthcare professionals who share your educational background, and are held to the same standards of credentialing and licensing requirements
  • Mutual support to advance the ancestral health principles in research and academic medicine.
  • Support for incorporating ancestral principles in your practice
  • Resources for your patients
  • Private forum for open discussion
  • Conferences and retreats
  • Likeminded friends with a shared experience and goals

If you feel that your principles and goals match ours, then we would be excited to have you join.

Yearly membership dues:

  • $150 for Physicians
  • $50 for Residents and Students

Joining PAH is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Fill out the Membership Inquiry Form below.

2. Click here to review the Member Agreement.

3. Pay the Membership Dues.

Please note that PAH membership is subject to meeting eligibility criteria (being a physician (MD, DO, or an International equivalent), medical student or resident).

Membership Inquiry Form:

We will never sell or share your contact information with any third party, and your email and phone number will only be used for internal communication.

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