Our Mission and Vision  

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to mutually support physicians who advocate a standard of care that combines conventional Western medical ideals with ancestral health principles, serving to improve the health and well-being of our patients.


Our Vision:

  1. Model good health for our patients through living the ancestral health lifestyle.
  2. Apply ancestral health principles in conjunction with sound medical training, and best quality research available.
  3. Encourage physicians, medical students and residents to incorporate ancestral health principles for both prevention and treatment of illness.
  4. Engage and support research activities to evaluate ancestral health assertions.
  5. Advocate for change in local, state, federal and international policy in support of ancestral health principles.


Professional Integrity:

We respect our professional limits. We are physicians, committed to evidence-based medicine. Although we share interests in nutrition, lifestyle, and well-being, we do not consider ourselves practitioners of alternative medicine. We are not seeking to replace proven treatments, but to identify natural dietary, nutritional, and environmental interventions that can complement and improve standard medical therapies.

We support thorough scientific evaluation of all interventions, natural as well as pharmaceutical; and strive to recommend only safe and well-attested practices. Our goal is the improvement of medicine and the greater good of our patients.

We use modern medical interventions as necessary to treat serious disease. We continue to seek out and explore treatments from those outside usual sources.

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